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A Quietly Evolving Green Urban Design Platform

Curriculum vitae

A Quietly Evolving

Green Urban Design Platform

Mike Patrick Dahlke

I have been in the residential and commercial design build industry since my discharge from the United States Navy in 1974. Over the years, I have designed and engineered nothing but highly artistic, one of a kind projects for truly creative, forward thinking and environmentally conscious people. With a historical emphasis on alternative energy/energy efficient, sustainability based urban as well as rural architecture and with an extraordinary degree of high green industrial functionality built into the architectural footprint of these projects, in so many ways we, within our collective pursuit of organic design excellence, where as well, getting involved with a national green energy movement that back then was considered to be remarkably odd and hopelessly abstract both in terms of economic common sense as well as future industrial as well as financial sustainability.

Along with the above, is the expertise I have gained from working simultaneously in a broad host of industries pertaining specifically to both the historic American building trades as well as the emerging trades of a host of alternative energy based technology companies including the following:

Carpentry, Woodworking and Cabinetry | Custom Painting and Wood Treatments | Landscaping, Retail and Wholesale Garden Products | Hardware and Building Supply Retail and Wholesale | Multifaceted Industrial Equipment Operation and Maintenance | Warehousing and Transportation Logistics | Alternative Energy Technologies and Systems | Electrical and Electronic Systems | Water, Sewer and both urban and rural Irrigation Systems | Total Construction Waste Stream Management | Overall Industrial Symmetry )as such symmetry encapsulates all of the above)

I have a very strong background in architectural design, landscape design, interior design, furniture design, lighting design, structural, mechanical and hydraulic engineering as well as overall whole lifestyle design as such design pertains to the physical needs and healthy environmental insight of my client base. In addition I have an equally strong background in Commercial Graphic Art, Print and Audio Advertising, Web Development and Advertising, Point of Purchase Display Advertising and Market Research/Development for locally oriented small businesses as well as national corporate retail, manufacturing and service sector entities in a wide ranging spectrum of industrial categories.

As such, my interest now in working with either a private design planning firm, municipal planning department, Neighborhood/Residential Construction Development Corporation (which I am very well capable of laying the structural foundation for the establishment of), or, in an investment banking firm environment as a “structural industrial analyst”, or simply networking with folks who are actively engaged in the pursuit of all of the above, is paramount.

While the attached information will give you a solid understanding of both my skill level and depth of experience, In addition, please take the time to visit my blog entitled: “.The Green Collar Blue Industrialist" where I write extensively on the subject of green urban planning and comprehensive community/neighborhood based economic redevelopment of not only our nation's residential housing sector, but, all aspects of municipal infrastructure related to such broad range community based economic sustainability.

Design, Planning, Carpentry and Project Management
2014 – 1974 Owner, architectural designer and builder of residential and commercial projects ranging in size from 20,000 sq. ft. commercial to approximately 1,500 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft. residential (primarily preexisting residential and commercial upgrades, renovations and energy retrofits).

Commercial Projects have included:
restaurants | nightclubs | hair salons | retail shops | furniture showrooms
kitchen and bath showrooms | performing arts theaters | set and stage design
lighting and sound design | indoor sports and fitness centers | dance studios
small organic roadside motel/diner redesign/build projects | rural farm house restorations and renovations | alternative education based preschools | alternative education junior high school learning environments | community built playgrounds.

Residential projects have included the renovation and restoration of the following:
Prairie Style | Cape Cods | Craftsman | Tudor | French Provincial | Victorians | Ranch | Modern
Post and Beam | Log Cabins | Contemporary poured in place concrete homes
Earth sheltered homes | Passive solar homes | Geodesic Domes | Etc.

Carpentry and custom painting skills:
Custom, highly detailed specialty framing | Plastering and drywall in any finish
Door and window fabrication and installation | Architectural woodwork
Wood flooring and inlays | Custom cabinets and furniture systems
Custom decks, fences, gates and all types of outdoor structures | Antique yacht restoration
All types of paint applications including oils, enamels, water borne acrylics, stains, varnishes and both architectural woodwork and furniture refinishing.

Shop equipment and tool experience:
All types of stationary equipment | Sand blasting equipment | Stained glass equipment
Sign making and billboard equipment | All types of electric hand tools | All types of hand tools

Interior and Landscape Design:
lighting | sound systems | furniture systems | ponds, aquariums, fountains and streams
media rooms | wood shops | exercise studios | saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs
home offices | libraries | tack rooms | martial arts dojo's | Etc.

Architectural Design:
Renderings, pencil, water color, acrylic, charcoal | Hand Mechanical Drafting | CA

Project Planning
design consulting | plan reading | material takeoffs and delivery scheduling
building code enforcement | zoning parameters | job scheduling | sub contractor scheduling | project change orders | Etc.

Hardware and Building Supply Stores

For the most part, I have been in a hardware store just about every day of my life for more than four decades. As it is the place to go for every imaginable household need, it is as well, the place to go for straight forward, common sense, problem solving advice as well as broad exposure to a vast array of manufacturing industries all of which today are clearly morphing into quite dynamic, green based manufacturing, retail and service sector corporate entities. The dynamic nature of the evolution of hardware store products today, clearly suggest that large home supply chains that have taken over the market in the past thirty years are going to be experiencing a major industrial metamorphosis which will essentially serve to diversify this economic sector significantly within the next 20 years. As such, when reading the below information, be keenly aware of the fact that my depth of knowledge on the historical line of products that have been sold in hardware store settings equals my knowledge of the new technologies that will emerge to either fit into the historic hardware store model or diversify to such an extent that entirely new home product manufacturing, retail, distribution and maintenance models will clearly be emerging most definitely within the context of what a neighborhood hardware store should have on hand to meet the evolving needs of the technologically diverse green energy market.

Excavation and Garden
Back hoe, trenchers, tillers, power rakes, vibrators, power trowels, concrete grinders and cutters. Garden hand tools, edgers, pruners, cultivators, sod cutters. | Irrigation systems, septic systems, rain water runoff systems, well drilling, sprinkler systems. | Gravel, top soil, fertilizers, mulches, grass seeds and sods. | Pavers, natural stone, retaining walls. | Decks and garden structures. | Fountains, ponds and streams. | Trees, shrubbery, perennials and annuals. Lighting, sound and security systems. | Timers and sensors.

Concrete and Masonry
Floor levelers. | Foundation patches and sealers. | Bag mixes. | Architectural/ornamental stone. Concrete block. | Brick veneers. | Grouts and adhesives. | Cleaners and sealers.

Foundation drainage. | Waste water lines, cast iron, pvc and copper. | Septic lines and tanks. Culvert pipes. | Rain water systems. | Fresh water supply lines. | Natural gas and propane lines. Fittings. | Pipe cutting and threading. | Sodering and cement. | Emergency pipe patching.Sewer line rodding. | Hot water heating systems. | Hot water tanks. | On demand water heating systems. | Trouble shooting. | Appliance installation. | Plumbing fixtures.

Meter sockets, risers, strapping and weather heads, ground rods, lighting rods. | Underground electrical feeds and meter sockets. | Main electrical panels. | Auxiliary electric panels. Utility poles and out building service feeds and disconnects. | EMT conduit, romex, low voltage, cat 5 and 6. | Circuit diagramming. | Breakers, electrical devices, boxes and connectors. Light fixtures, door chimes, security systems, intercoms, sound systems, motion and light detectors, timers, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, electric window and sky light shutters. Baseboard heat. | Air conditioners and humidifiers.

Blown in. | Spray foam. | Fiberglass batts. | Cellulose. | Rigid foam. | Expanding foams, fire stop and gap sealants. | Vapor barriers. | Weather stripping.

Framing and Reconstruction
Wood framing. | Metal stud framing. | Structural beams. | Pocket doors. | Doors and windows. Bay windows. | Window repair. | Sash repair. | Screen repair. | Structural wall removal. Joist hangars and structural fasteners.

Drywall Hanging, Finishing, Plastering, Stucco and Synthetics
Dry wall panel lifters. | Portable scaffolding. | Hanging and finishing tools and equipment. All types of drywall and cement board. | Floor and wall levelers. | Custom finishing products. Adhesives, fasteners, primers and sealers.

Painting and Wall Finishes
Latex and oil primers. | Latex and oil interior paints and stains. | Latex and oil exterior paints and stains. | Wood and furniture strippers and cleaners. | Waterborne enamels, resins, epoxy and fiberglass. | Wall papers, parchment, fabric, canvas, leather, suede's, borders, etc. Wood work stains and varnishes. | Marine spar varnishes. | Airless spray painting equipment. Air brush painting. | Architectural graphics. | Custom color design and paint tinting. Custom wall textures. | Tools and equipment. | Cleaners and solvents. Auxiliary lighting and ventilation.

Siding, Replacement Windows and Doors, Gutters and Downspouts, Shutters, awnings and canopies
Wood, cement, vinyl, aluminum and composite siding systems. | Exterior architectural moldings. | Under siding insulated panel systems and breathable wind barriers. | Ornamental stone siding systems. | Wood, fiberglass and steel entry doors. | Replacement windows. Sealants and caulks. | Standard and over sized gutter and downspout systems in aluminum, galvanized and copper. | Rain barrels. | Overhead garage doors and openers. | Garage storage systems. | Work shop systems. | Awnings and canopies.

Roofing, Soffit, Facia and Vents
Fiberglass, metal, wood shake and rubber roofing (shingles). | Rolled composite and rubber membrane. | Sealants and adhesives. | Soffits and flashing. | Ridge vents, box vents and power attic vents. | Lighting rods. | Heated snow melt systems.

Sidewalks, Patios and Driveways
Brick, wood, composite and poured in place concrete sidewalks. | Concrete stamping and staining. | Brick and concrete driveways and patios. | Low voltage walkway lighting. Hose pads and storage. | Side walk edging products and tools. | Leaf blowers and snow throwers Hand maintenance tools. | Power washers. | Handrails and guards.

Outdoor Furniture and Planters | Arbors, Trellises and Pergola's | Household Cleaners, Tools and Equipment | Shop Tools and Equipment | Lawn Tools and Equipment | Indoor Furniture, Lighting and Accessories | Kitchen Appliances, Utensils, Storage Systems | Linen and Pantry Systems and Accessories | Clothing Storage Systems | Garage and Garden Products and Equipment | Carpet and Upholstery Products and Equipment | Locks, Fasteners, Hinges, Springs, Fittings, etc. | Furnace Equipment and Accessories | Wall and Floor Tile | Etc.


I have worked with an enormous variety of paint brands but primarily Benjamin Moore and Pratt and Lambert. The same with stains and varnishes. The same with specialty wall finishes, paint finishes and textures as well as wallpapers. Epoxy paints, floor paints, waterborne enamels, oil paints and latex, all of these products and an endless array of products, tools and equipment utilized in the residential, commercial and industrial paint industry all occupy my knowledge base. In addition, I have a good working knowledge of floor coverings ranging from vinyls, stone, wood, laminates and carpets as well as the products and equipment required to both install and maintain such products. Every single product in each of these industrial paint categories are undergoing a substantial green environmental overhaul. As such, the painting industry on all levels is doing the same, and to the point where really very few people actually understand the dynamics associated with these paint products, the market for educational marketing to both the tradesperson and the consumer matches the need for the industry itself to in fact produce such multifaceted marketing.

Plastering, stucco, drywall finishes. | Water base, oil, waterborne enamels, industrial coatings, lacquers, exterior oil stains, marine spar varnishes, interior oil stains, varnishes, lacquers, shellac, polyurethanes, gels. | Architectural wood refinishing and restorations, furniture refinishing, fiberglass and epoxy resins. Wallpaper stripping and surface restoration. | Air brushing, stenciling, free hand architectural graphic detailing. | Etched and sandblasted glass, stained glass and ceramic murals. | Custom wall finishes, blends and textures. Interior brick refinishing. | Cabinet and door refinishing. Painted and wallpapered murals. | Sign painting. Graining and custom stain blending. | Natural oil finishes and wood waxes.

Retail Paint and Wallpaper
Interior, furniture, lighting and accessory design and sales. | Paint, wallpaper, flooring and interior accessories sales and inventory management. | Project estimating and scheduling. | Subcontractor scheduling. | Shipping and Receiving.

Garden Center and Landscaping

Community built gardens and interactive green learning playgrounds. | Vegetable, flower and herb gardening. | Garden pathways, patios, decks, structures and furniture. | Garden ponds and streams. | Rainwater collection and disbursement systems. | Patio pottery, furniture and accessories. | Landscape lighting. | Micro wind turbines and solar electric systems. | Overhead patio and deck fans. | Privacy screens, arbors, pergolas, etc. Large and small scale attached and detached garden greenhouses. | Starter frames, compost bins and recycling systems. | Interior garden room furnishings. | Pottery and potted plant tools and accessories. | Sun shades and umbrellas. | Wall fountains. Canning equipment and supplies. | Hoses, sprinklers and irrigation systems. Stone, bark and organic/synthetic ground covers. | Garden tools and equipment (hand and mechanical). Pruning and tree trimming equipment and supplies. | Arts and crafts supplies.

Career Coaching


The Question: How does one take a seemingly disassociated group of folks who gather together for the greater purpose of removing such disassociation so that a remarkably positive team environment flourishes?
The Answer: Channel left sided brain analysis to right sided brain creative momentum.

1974 – 1976 Vietnam Veterans Delayed Stress Program
  • Developed and Supervised Outward Bound Type Stress Management Program for returning Veterans in Boulder, Colorado. (25 People)

1974 – 1978 September School, Boulder, Colorado
  • Designed, built and developed crafts oriented skills program for school for children with developmental disabilities. (20 People)

1976 – 1980 Colorado Shakespeare Festival and Arts in the Park Festival.
  • Coordinated staging and set up crews for both festivals. (70 People)

1990 – 1994 Anna Michen Elementary School, Fennville, Michigan
  • Odyssey Of The Mind – Parent Teacher Coach
  • Fennville Community Built Playground – Construction Coordinator. (200 People)
  • Pullman Community(GED) School - Construction Trades Skills Development Instructor. (25 People)
  • Pullman, Michigan Public Library - Volunteer Building Renovation Coordinator. (30 People)

!995 – 2003 Oak Park, Illinois
  • Beye School Community Built Playground Construction Coordinator. (300 People)
  • Volunteer Center of Oak Park and River Forest – Events/Fundraising Coordinator.

Graphic Arts and Advertising
I have a strong background in Commercial Graphic Art, Print and Audio Advertising, Digital Internet Based Advertising, Point of Purchase Display Advertising and Market Research Development for both Local and National Small Business and Corporate Retail and Manufacturing Entities.

Commercial advertising:
Corporate Logo development. | Marketing. - Local, Regional and National campaigns. All types of print media and promotional products. | Web development.| Radio advertising campaigns. | Point of purchase display design and fabrication. | Fund raising.

Curriculum vitae (cont.)

Green Urban Planning and Community Economic Development.

Is there such a thing as a perfect, neighborhood based, green economic development plan?

I’m fairly certain there is and I'm equally certain putting the plan together requires the work of a rather dynamic team of people with truly diverse backgrounds and well disciplined, multidimensional approaches to creative, in the box, and, out of the box problem solving.

I bring to the table the following:  
  • Extensive knowledge of advanced building codes as such pertain to the establishment of a most comprehensive and broad based municipal code enforcement/educational model for the successful mixed, alternative energy based retrofitting of all buildings in any given residential, commercial office, retail or light industrial neighborhood based setting.
  • The ability to understand and clearly redefine in quite intricate detail the existing functions of all public works departments including parks and recreation, streets and sanitation, energy and recycling, water and sewer, municipal building maintenance, fire and rescue as such functions are upgraded to interact with modern zoning, planning, mixed energy use transportation as well as building code enforcement initiatives.
  • The ability to future plan for all above mentioned departments from both a regulatory and funding perspective as well as from the perspective of personnel team management as such management is successfully directed toward a broad, community economic development based consensus building mindset.
  • The ability to look articulately at dying or dead neighborhood based business development models, restructure them to accommodate specific growth strategies in targeted energy, construction, light manufacturing, retail and service based business sectors and develop both marketing and advertising strategies that draw all associated client bases into that environmentally refocused business corridor model.
  • Comprehensive community based education modeling with a strong emphasis on community college and community business cross training to produce strong qualified job participants in all emerging, 21st century neighborhood based, mixed energy business sectors.
  • A keen perspective on available federal, state, local and private sector funding as that funding is approached from a well developed, multidimensional and mixed industrial, regulatory based point of view.

If, after reviewing the further attached information, you would like too know more about how I approach the issues above, again, please take the time to visit my blog where I write extensively on a broad variety of community education, green economic, industrial and environmental based regulatory matters.

Professional Summary

Taking apart neighborhoods and putting them back together again through the development of comprehensive mixed energy based public utility models, equally comprehensive building and zoning code models, alternative transportation blueprinting, construction trades team building, community based education and economic development modeling. Broad based knowledge of all design, engineering and construction fields associated with both residential and commercial building energy retrofits and total building renovations. Building green, environmentally focused and highly personalized home and work environments since 1974. Recipient of awards, formal accolades, local and national media exposure with a strong, professional and worldwide  online blog readership audience. Accomplished studies in multiple, mixed energy development and manufacturing sectors, environmental law, NAICS analysis, national and international building codes, community based investment banking and municipal bonds, multifaceted federal and state regulatory policy,  construction trades apprenticeship modeling and consumer based product marketing and education.

Areas of Expertise

    ~Model Building Code Development    ~ NAICS Identification ~ Zoning Modification
    ~Construction Trade Networking ~ Green Energy Systems ~ Electric Grid Modeling
    ~Total Waste Stream Assessment ~ Waste Water Systems ~ Storm Water Systems
    ~Urban Agricultural Modeling ~ Community Education ~ Property Taxation Models
    ~Education Funding Models ~ Retail Sector Modeling ~ Service Sector Modeling
    ~Manufacturing Data Modeling ~ Distribution Modeling ~ Freight Delivery Flows
    ~Transportation Modeling

Qualifications Summary

  • Extensive background in the research of national building code modeling.
  • Extensive background in the research of NAICS industrial coding and clearly needed  future green industrial/energy sector coding.
  • Extensive background in the research of public electric utility grid blueprinting as well as all public sector utilities having anything at all to do with municipal fresh and waste water technologies, rain water and top soil water runoff management, natural gas fueling technologies pertaining to home heating, localized electric power generation, localized private sector personal automotive, commercial and light industrial transportation based fueling systems, geothermal energy systems, high efficiency wind turbine systems, passive and active solar systems, total construction waste stream management, etc.
  • Extensive background in the research of both public and private sector funding models as such modeling pertains to the progressive re-legislation of cooperative funding delivery mechanisms at both the state and federal level.
  • Extensive background in the research of “21st century “green specific” construction trades, multiple trade cross training and team building as well as strategic, legislative based, re-blueprinting and re-regulation of those trades.
  • Extensive background in the research of public/private sector community college based cooperative educational modeling that is wholly based on the above construction team building model.
  • Extensive background in the research of residential, commercial and industrial real estate valuation, zoning parameters as well as mortgage lending best practices as the above is related to the long term financing of not only mortgage instruments, but, the long term capacity of various municipal/industrial bond guarantors to emerge on or at a comprehensive, individual community by individual community based level.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in the communication of highly articulate strategic plans.
  • Exceptionally strong technical and creative writing skills.

Chronological Professional Work Experience – 1992 to 2014

Research on the industrial/economic history and structural evolution of the S&P 500 Industrial Index. - 1992 to Present.

The purpose of this research has been to document the manufacturing functions of the industries associated with the S&P 500 as such benchmark functions have evolved with the help of industrial automation globally on one hand while on the other have been severely diminished domestically by an overall failure to integrate these manufacturing functions into a true, mixed energy industrial power generation and distribution platform nationally.

Research on the history and evolution of NAICS coding and subsequent regulation of this coding via federal legislative initiatives from 1937 to 2014. - 1992 to Present.

The purpose of this research was to demonstrate the virtual industrial, economic and, therefore, legislative ineffectiveness of such coding if in fact such coding isn't fully integrated into a much broader and whole mixed energy sector industrial model. The moment such NAICS coding does in fact include total interaction with a whole mixed energy industrial model, a remarkable host of new industries emerge while the subsequent economic expansion associated with these new industrial models becomes, for the most part, economically boundless.

Participant in the work done by “The Sechia Commission on Total Quality Governmentheaded by former U.S. Ambassador to Italy Peter Sechia and commissioned by former Michigan Governor John Engler - 1993.

Specifics to this commission were the retention of existing corporate manufacturing entities and the attraction of entirely new manufacturing entities within the state. As certain existing manufacturing entities had a certain sub contractor relationship with key aspects of Michigan's auto industry, altogether new manufacturing entities having nothing whatsoever to do with the auto industry were focused upon as well. As the notion of total quality government was indeed meant to address the creation of a business friendly state regulatory framework, the overall
focus of this commission was at the time, still very much based almost exclusively on the consumption of fuel as opposed to the conservation of or a whole re-management of a host of
mixed energy technologies that were at the time, just beginning to come on line in the state of Michigan. The end result of the work done by this commission was very well received at the time but somewhat short sighted for today.  

Participant in the work done by the “Michigan Jobs Commissionheaded by Doug Rothwell and commissioned by former Governor John Engler. -1993.

Specific to this commission was the retraining of existing Michigan manufacturing based work force and the attraction of new advanced technology workers into the state.

  • Developed paper waste recycling/redistribution program for Allegan County, Michigan and the Michigan paper pulp industry. - 1993 - 1994.
  • Redesigned and rebuilt the logistics center for Roadway Trucking Inc. in Kalamazoo, Michigan. - 1994.
  • Did research at Hope College in Holland, Michigan on the evolution of public utilities as such evolution pertained to the application of wind turbines being integrated into our nation’s broad spectrum public electric utility grid. - !992 to 1994.
  • Was invited to the US Department of Commerce to present my research on the integration of wind turbines into our broad national electric power grid. - 1994-1995.
  • Construction project coordinator for the Anna Michlen community built playground in Fennville, Michigan. – 1994.
  • Parent/mentor for the internationally acclaimed “Odyssey Of The Mind” program. This program, designed for junior high level students, focused on the development of advanced engineering, creative writing and theatrical “learning skits” orchestrated entirely by small groups of creative junior high school team players with virtually no “hands on help” from parents. – 1994 -1995.
  • Partner in yacht restoration business located in South Haven, Michigan. My particular role was the redesign of all wood components, electronics and hydraulics installations and the applications of all spar varnishes. – 1993 – 1995.  

Moved to Oak Park, Illinois to study the history of the community based steam heating plants once in operation in Oak Park. Studied the geographical fault line that exists on the north side of Oak Park and its destructive effects on the residential building foundations built along this fault line. Studied the prevailing wind currents found on that same north side which in terms of elevation is actually the highest point of land above sea level in the entire Chicago land metropolitan area. My research into the above was to determine the viability of integrating micro wind and geothermal energy generation into this geographical and architecturally significant residential corridor via connection to the existing municipal/public electric utility grid.

Studied the southern geographical boundaries of Oak Park, Illinois that parallel the Interstate 90 transportation corridor linking the western suburbs to the Chicago Metropolitan area.
The purpose of this research was to determine the viability of placing solar electric arrays along the northern retaining walls of Interstate 90. Walls are between 20 and 30 feet in elevation with a distinct southern facing.

All aspects of the above research clearly indicated the financial viability of doing what is stated above if and only if substantial but common sense regulatory frameworks were restructured to accommodate such overall mixed energy policy. - 1995 to 2003.

  • Owner of residential design/build company in Oak Park, Illinois. -1995 - 2003.
  • Developed Beye School “The Reading Tree Program” for kindergartners and first graders. Program emphasis was on adult mentoring with a rather unique and well received award incentive for the kids. - 1998.
  • Volunteer Construction Coordinator of the Oak Park, Illinois Beye Public School Community Built Playground. - !999.
  • Board of Directors for The Volunteer Center of Oak Park and River Forest, Illinois. - 1997.
  • Developed Energy and Environment website for the Village Of Oak Park, Illinois. - 2000.
  • Volunteer set designer and builder for the Percy Julian Middle School theatre program in Oak Park, Illinois. -1999 - 2001.
  • Volunteer Architectural Designer/Adviser in the assessment of all public school facilities in the Village of Oak Park, Illinois. Our responsibilities were to conduct a physical architectural assessment of the eight public grammar schools and two junior high schools located within the village. The purpose of this assessment was to determine the “environmental integrity of these learning institutions”. With environmental integrity taking on several meanings, we were tasked with the following:
        - The physical capacity of a school to accommodate contemporary student populations.
-             - The actual physical health and overall energy efficiency of the architecture itself.
-             - The schools capacity to function as a highly interactive community center 365 days a year.
-             - The capacity the school and its’ surrounding neighborhood had to accommodate increases in                both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. 2000 – 2001

Contributor to the year 2000 “Congressional Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerceauthored by former Commonwealth Of Virginia Governor James Gilmore, Authored a paper entitled “The Interstate And Electronic Tax Actthat can be found in the archives of The Library Of Congress relating to this commission’s work. - 1999 - 2000.

Moved to Ottawa, Illinois to study the geographically based environmental weather conditions as those conditions affected the long term respiratory health of those who live in this low lying Illinois River Valley region. This research was focused on both indoor and outdoor air quality. It was as well focused on the effects such weather conditions have played on the overall deterioration of the aging architectural housing stock found within the Illinois River Valley.

Whereas a distinct set of environmental conditions were causing the long term deterioration of the housing stock in either Chicago by the lakefront or Oak Park located some fifteen or so miles from that lakefront on a rather distinct geographical bluff, in the low lying river valley bounding the Illinois River an entirely different set of environmental conditions were and are continuing to cause an entirely different set of structural problems on the homes in this region.

As these rural LaSalle County geographical conditions are reflected in a tremendous increase in human based upper respiratory conditions due in part to the fact that tremendously low barometric pressures combined with extremely high ground and air moisture content virtually assure the existence of these respiratory conditions, the same weather conditions have led to excessive structural decay of the housing stock due to excessive mold and moisture damage to both foundations and framing members.

What is most crucial to understand here is that while Oak Park, Illinois is within one geographical/climate zone and Ottawa, Illinois is in another, the condition of the architecture within these two regions is more or less in the same severe state of structural deterioration. As both of these communities are essential made up of a rather significant amount of rather beautiful and historic American examples of stick built housing with an average age of some 80 years, the amount and scope of structural decay of this housing stock is decidedly different between these two towns.

In Ottawa, Illinois the homes are being eaten away by excessive moisture and mold that is clearly lending itself to the marked increase in respiratory ailments found in this region of Illinois, the subsequent market devaluation of home prices, much higher costs of building renovation, and, of course, the subsequent unwillingness of potential new industries to move into this area as well as the lack of funding for any type of 21st century community based architectural and engineering as well as building trades job training that would ultimately serve to rectify these issues. On the other hand, the housing stock in Oak Park, Illinois, the homes are more or less being destroyed by dry rotting and the subsequent infiltration of a host of wood eating insects. As the reason for this deterioration is essentially linked to a combination of strong northerly winds, the unstable soil base beneath these structures as well as the fact that there is significantly more solar as well as ultraviolet exposure to these homes, the cost of true retrofitting of these homes is again well beyond the financial capacity of either the homeowner or mortgage company to ever even remotely be able to afford. Adding to this particular problem in Oak Park is the fact that the community is landlocked with virtually no more room for real estate based economic expansion and both the commercial and industrial districts found in and around this community are the same age as the residential structures and equally landlocked.

My research simply demonstrates a rather comprehensive, multi-tiered regulatory, but, rather easily executed set of economic communication dynamics that engage all players in the whole 21st century neighborhood redevelopment process. 2003 - 2014.

Professional Work Experience – 1970 - 1990
  • Participant in the Colorado Affordable Housing Commission headed by former Governor Dick Lamb, former Senator Gary Hart and former Boulder Mayor Ruth Correl. Mission of Commission was to develop a twenty year sustainable environmental and economic development plan for the Boulder Valley. - 1976.
  • Involved in the economic development and new commercial construction of Arapahoe Village a large scale retail shopping outdoor mall developed by John Cohagen of Boulder, Colorado. -1974 to 1978.
  • Operated a residential and commercial design build company. - 1974 - 1980.
  • Architectural designer for “The Nomad’s Theatre Playhouse”. A ten thousand square foot theatre renovation project. -1974 to 1978.
  • Participant in the annual Shakespeare Festival with the University of Colorado theatrical school. -1974 to 1978.
  • Participant in the annual “Arts in the Park Festival” in Boulder, Colorado. -1974 to 1978.
  • Co - organizer for the initial and subsequently annual 10k fundraising run for the Boulder County Safe House for Battered Women and Children. -1976 to 1978.
  • Developed marketing concept for Celestial Seasonings Iced Tea during merger talks between Celestial Seasonings and Beatrice Foods. -1977 to 1978.
  • Developed Green Energy model for Amoco service station located in southeast commercial district of Boulder, Colorado. -1974 to 1978.
  • Owner of design/build residential construction company in Oak Lawn, Illinois. - 1981 - 1990.
  • Designed and built the first passive solar residence in Oak Lawn, Illinois. - 1987 - 1989.
  • Worked for Grey Manufacturing Corporation on the construction of 100,000 sq.ft addition for the L&M Tobacco Company (Liggett and Meyers back then) in Durham, North Carolina. -1974.
  • Joined the US Navy and studied at Engineman A School. Worked on a substantial number of mechanical systems found on US Navy Ships. Traveled to Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Sicily and Greece. Studied European culture, architecture, urban planning, transportation and agricultural infrastructure. - 1972 - 1974.
  • Worked for The Oak Lawn, Illinois News Agency and Book Store delivering and reading The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, The Chicago Daily News, The Chicago Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, National Geographic, Life Magazine, Time Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Mother Earth News, Popular Mechanics Magazine, etc. I read every single one of these publications daily. - 1970 - 1972.


Residential, Commercial and Light Industrial Architectural Design and Construction - 1974 to Present.

United States Navy Engineering A School - mechanical systems - 1972 to 1974.

Saint Laurence High School - college preparatory school - Burbank, Illinois - 1968 to 1972.

World Book Encyclopedia – Had read every volume of this set between the ages of 8 and 12.   

John Fitzgerald Kennedy – Participated in his first election campaign at the age of 6. (true story)


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